Friday, May 06, 2005

"I think a change can do you good.."

...borrowing from the words of Sheryl Crow, change is a VERY big thing for me right now. So much is happening and i am just...overwhelmed.

I've resigned from my day job, started the sorting of my things, making plans of the move and yes, getting myself physically and psychologically psyched for my trip.

Yes, peeps, i am a-movin'. I've finally got my visa approval through and for about a couple of months, i will be seeing the other side of the world (yey!) Why resign? A difference of opinion? kinda. I don't really wanna think about work while i'm out of the country, so we decided i'm gonna be "on leave". permanently, or at least until i get back (It's nice to know that you have options)

Still back on the change subject, my mom and i decided to start off her "training consultancy", hence the family support and graohic work for her atop the usual workload. It's great to see her all excited about her "pet project" and kinda nice to be involved in the "family thing" again.

Now that i'm supposed to be "moving on", Taking time to meet up with friends and reconnect has become one of the top priorities i have for the next few weeks. It's great to hang out with old schoolmates, re-acquainted friends as well as just spend time to bask in all of the energy and bustle.*whew*

It's frightening.

I really hope i can get things done well, and fast.

Here's to another adventure...

+ + +

Advance Happy Mom's Day!!! Love you Momma! :-)

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